Anti-puncture levels

Nowadays it is not necessary any more to catch a flat tire with all the various anti-puncture techniques from CST. For every need there is a solution in anti-puncture protection. From the ideal anti-puncture protection for city bikes up to our superior double layer protection system.
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Level 5 LPD EPS BtB  Anti-Puncture

Level 5 (LDP)

A tire with level 5 protection consists of a 3 mm LDP anti-puncture layer. This is an extra thick rubber layer between the profile and the carcass.

Level 5 (EPS)

The level 5 EPS protection offers a woven layer of poly fibre fabric between the tire tread and the carcass.

Level 5 (EPS BtB)

Level 5 with EPS offers excellent puncture protection, however, we go a step further; EPS from thread to thread. This also provides additional protection for the sidewalls.
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