The inner tube collection from CST

How do you choose the right inner tube for your bike? There are so many different options and often there are multiple sizes on an inner tube box. The elastic characteristics of the CST inner tubes make it possible to provide multiple tire sizes with the same inner tube. In order for you to make it as understandable as possible, we show on this page where you should pay attention.

The tire size

The size of the inner tube you can determine by the tire you are using. On the side wall of your tire, you can find two dimensions. ETRTO size or the inch size. These sizes are not totally similar but have the same meaning. An example of ETRTO size is 37-622. This size is in inch-definition 28x1 5 / 8X 1 3/8. You can use both sizes to locate the correct inner tube in our collection. In addition to find the right size on a tire, you can often find the right size on the current inner tube.

The valve

When the right inner tube is chosen, you should have to pay attention to choosing the right valve. There are 3 types; namely car valve, “Dutch” valve or the “French” valve. These valves often also have a different variety in length. So make a choice picking the right valve and his corresponding length. Below you can see the different types:

Make your choice

When you have determined the inner tube with the above explanation, you can make the right choice. Please use the button below to download our inner tube summary and determine the correct part number.
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